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(Which IS STILL CURRENT as of February 2018)   

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"I stumbled on your website and it is one of the best web contents on an escort page I have seen. I was very impressed by every single section and the icing on the cake was the full disclosure. Kudos to you. Your face, your body and your way of articulating your thoughts suggest that you are truly a delightful companion."

~ "Paul Smith" January 29, 2016  


In the BOTTOM LINKS of this website, you will find much more than just the details of making an inquiry with me, and should that be something that interests you, I hope you explore here as much as your time allows and heart desires. My choice to make this website so comprehensive, thorough and even candid is for those who may feel they need more than just the basics before deciding if a lady is the perfect one for him, helping him to hopefully eliminate almost any doubt that we are compatible and will have a great time together should I be the lucky lady he chooses. ;)


However, I also do not wish to overhwhelm anyone with information they may not find necessary for their decision process, which is why I have also carefully organized this site in a way that hopefully makes that process virtually effortless, but still as informative as possible. 


So in order to make an inquiry with me you need only start by considering the brief points below and then find all relevant information in the TOP LINKS. That's it! I hope to hear from you soon. ;*


~  I genuinely look forward to hearing from you so for a serious inquiry please fill out my screening profile, found on my Contact And Screening page, or email me with at least your first name, where you saw my info and when you would like to set a date. Please do not call me, send me short and impersonal messages, or late night inquiries, as I am unable to answer any of those.
~  I do offer incall and there is no difference in price between incall and outcall. However first-time incalls and newbies must be willing to comply with specific screening requirements. 
~  Even if you are pressed for time, I still recommend checking out my "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" page as part of your research on me. ;)
~  Also, I highly recommend signing up for my Members Only page. IT'S FREE AND SECURE and offers even more information about me and what to expect if you set a date with me, and I believe this will be most helpful when deciding once and for all if I am the right lady for you. Simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the login page for access.
~  If you are a "newbie" then welcome! And thank you for doing your due diligence as you venture into the hobby world. :) Yes, I am willing to see "newbies" and actually enjoy it very much... so much so that there is even a special discount just for you! I think you will find the content of this whole site very helpful in taking your first steps, however I suggest starting with the Contact And Screening page. 


 Thank you again for stopping by and regardless of how much time you decide to spend here, I hope you enjoy what this site has to offer as much as the many who have shared with me it is what drew them to me further claiming that it seems to be the only site of its kind. :*  

 Passionately yours, 

 ~ Your Lovely-n-Lusty Lina ~